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Bad-to-the-Bone Bugsy and Bubbles in the Sea

All Bubbles made up of illusory constitution, will certainly burst in due course of time


Bugsy is a big-bully boxer, who thinks he is the lord of all he surveys in his little self-projected universe, floating in the junkyard of Toledo, Ohio. 1,206 more words


Comedy Express: Back to Back Telugu Comedy Scenes

Comedy Express is a Collection of Non
Stop Telugu Comedy Scenes


Butter Thief - Part 2

Krishna and his gang were full. All the yummy butter made them feel sleepy. Little did they know that the Gopis were returning from work.

417 more words

The Yogic View of Consciousness 12: Through the Looking Glass

It’s time to present Taimni’s full picture of the bindu. It’s time to go Through the Looking Glass. 4,339 more words



Hi friends,
This is sai krishna and this is my first blog in wordpress and I feel thankful to this site for providing such a facility to users…
And hope for the best….


Nature Photography : Answering your Whys

A lot of ‘whys’ are put forward during my workshops and photo tours. Why did I use this lens to shoot a particular image? Why did I expose this image in this way? 365 more words