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poor men having kids with different women

I don’t get this ….To me it seems so easy for a male to be able to make good or ok money – all they have to do is go into plumbing/electrician, etc, etc and get some trade…..so why are men who don’t do this feeling sorry for themselves when they’ve irresponsibly had kids more than once….. 375 more words

Kris Jenner 'shuts down Rob Kardashian's plans for tell-all book'

Kris Jenner is allegedly preparing to take legal action against her son Rob Kardashian who is allegedly planning to do a tell-all book.

According to Radar Online Rob wants to expose his family’s deepest darkest secrets but Kris is having none of it. 168 more words


'KUWTK’: Bruce Jenner Cries When Kris Removes Him From Her Will -- Watch

Wow! When Kris goes to the hospital for a procedure she tells Bruce that he is not allowed to make any final decisions about her life if something goes wrong! 348 more words

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Why so blue, Kendall Jenner? She's the new (sad) face of Calvin Klein denim

Calvin Klein made it official and announced that the girl who rules the runways, Kendall Jenner, will be the face of its new denim series. 226 more words


Nothing Like Getting First Birthday Party Drunk

When you come from a big family it’s hard to remember all the details. Especially all the kids birthdays. Especially when alcohol is involved.

Let’s be real. 1,023 more words

Kylie Jenner Posing In 'Playboy' After 18? They'd Say Yes If Kris Stays Away

Kylie’s new bombshell look is part of Kris’ long-term master plan to turn her daughter into a sex symbol. The youngest Jenner may even pose in ‘Playboy’ after she turns eighteen, but the magazine will only allow it on one condition — find out what that is! 354 more words

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Kris Jenner Calls for Emergency Meeting About ROB!

Rob Kardashian dissed his sister via instagram by LASHING OUT and comparing her to the “b* from Gone Girl.”

Kris called the ENTIRE FAMILY together–including Kanye and Bruce–to discuss the best way to handle the situation. 134 more words