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EXO's Day by Day Verison

Ugh. Being away from technology for four days was nice but I can’t believe I just found this! So yesterday I decided to go to SMTOWN’s Youtube channel to officially look at SNSD’s comeback when I saw this: 289 more words


Hottest Dream

Have you ever had a dream where it felt so real? Mine felt so real I woke up laughing. It was amazing. There is a kpop group I love called 2pm. 203 more words

Oppa annyeong!

Whenever she sees Jungkook and Taehyung she’s like “ahh! Appa..appa..appa annyeong!” But I think she meant oppa not appa XD

Fangirling at a young age, eh? 😍

Oppa ~ annyeong! ☺️👋🏼

Finally Dancing Again!

Hey guys!

I danced for the first time in what feels like forever! It felt great to let my body loose to follow a routine. I didn’t really work on any choreography though. 216 more words

SNSD Comeback Teaser

Whooooo! So yesterday SMTOWN released SNSD’s teaser for their new comeback!

So far, from the teasers, I like “Lion Heart” the best. It’s so catchy! I still can’t over Yoona being blonde! 100 more words


unTouchable Ch 55 Reactions

I’m back with my reactions/commentaries of the webtoon unTouchable.

“I came to see you” (What is Baryu planing!?!?!?!) 369 more words


Hyoyeon | "Hyo Style" + Thoughts on Girls' Generation Comeback

Hyoyeon just recently released her book Hyo Style which is a fashion book. And from what I understand it’s kinda like a look book with fashion and beauty tips. 132 more words