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Vocabulary List (1) - Frequently Used Korean Verbs

List 1 is finally complete!  (Sigh I really ought to keep my tendency to procrastinate in check… ) 

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The message that changed my life

I used to think of my photos as something not that interesting. I did my photodiary, just because I want to have my photos uploaded somewhere, so if there is someone who likes ordinary things, he/she can download them. 256 more words


The World of Dramas

Hey guys. If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m really interested in the Asian culture. And one thing that I love about their culture is their many dramas. 308 more words


Language learning adventures

Adventures in language learning

I guess this blog sometimes focuses on the negative; how I feel down on myself, how I don’t feel I’ve achieved, how because I don’t earn much money I feel undervalued by society. 1,316 more words

Charcoal Heating Steam Mask Review! (+ other goodies!)

Hello my beauties! <3

I, yet again, did a little shopping on sokoglam.com and came across 3 really interesting products, so of course I had to snag them. 1,281 more words

Annabel's Baek-il

I went to North Carolina to meet my new niece Annabel recently and while we were there she had her Korean Baek-il (100th day birthday). So my sister and brother-in-law who had lived in Korea for a year, made a delicious Korean feast and I made a cake!  60 more words


Secret Vienna Supper Club

Secret Vienna Supper Club sounds like a weird dinner event but it was quite the opposite. Fun with lots of yummy food!
There is a limit of 15 participants who were all around the age of 20 till 30, so you probably will have some common topics to talk about in the living room of Stefan, the cook and host of this fun event. 245 more words