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Red Rock Rave

PunkAbility: Red Rock Rave by bagheera57 

 I know, I know, a lot of my outfits are comprised of mainly black, red, gray, and white.  Don’t take that as a singular definition that you must adhere to only those colors.   201 more words


Hobby No. 2


This article is about my No.2 hobby.. which is.. WATCHING movie, any kind of movie!! ^_^ 

Watch movie is my second hobby beside reading. Usually at sunday morning (when i still little), i watch cartoon or should i call it an anime? 547 more words


Perception Over Price: Cross-Cultural Buying Patterns Of Counterfeit Goods

Jaehee Jung, an associate professor of fashion and apparel studies, at the University of Delaware and the co-author of a new paper that will be published in the… 373 more words

Business Of Fashion

Part 1, 00038

~ Brian Greene, Professor of Theoretical Physics, Columbia University / and many, many more.

~브라이언 그린, 콜롬비아 대학교 이론 물리학 교수 / 그리고 아주 더 많습니다.

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You are my Stars

  1. USB
  2. Tea
  3. Ribbons

I picked up some new apps for my android, one called selene, it features a little cat that /discreetly/ reminds you about Shark Week. 678 more words


Kimchi bokkeumbap

If this was made in India, it’d be called ‘kemcho kimchi’!

We started watching a new TV series called ‘Fresh off the boat’…so far pretty funny and without any spoilers, one of the episodes got me craving something easternish for breakfast.

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HBT: Hal Bom's Tangsuyuk (HBT탕수육)

Yangcheon-gu, Seoul

서울 양천구 목3동 610-26

HBT is a “fast food” stand in the middle of Mok3-dong street market. It’s been the topic of many TV shows and food blogs due to it’s fast, relatively tasty food and more importantly – VERY cheap prices. 33 more words