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It is time to take a flight to KOREA.

It is time to take a flight to KOREA.

Q. Would you like beef or fish?

쇠고기=beef와 생선=fish 중 어느 것을 드릴까요?

A. _____, pleases. 48 more words


Sapphire- Cha Cha

Amy Yuhwa Gi Anya 

sirseumnida, joseumnida, mareul jom haebwa
issseumnikka, eobsseumnikka, naege ol mami
huhoehaji anheuljasin innayo Uh~Uh~

eonjekkaji gidaril nailliga eobseo
nae jogeuphan seonggyeogeul miri malhae julge… 233 more words



Hey people, gonna be reviewing Tonymoly‘s KISS KISS Lip Scrub (토니모리 키스키스 립스크럽) (9g). I’ve never used a lip scrub before and thought why not, since my lips are pretty thick! 421 more words


Eric Nam - I'm OK 괜찮아 괜찮아 Review

괜찮다 = to be okay
헤어지다 = to break up, to separate

OK, this guy should be more popular than he is. Not too long ago, Eric Nam was in an episode of Running Man that featured Kpop singers that seem to get overshadowed by others in the industry. 222 more words


BNTgirl x iSOi Bulgarian Rose Blemish Serum Rehash

Good morning everyone.

Something strange, yet wonderful happened, I got to review the same item twice! Or really they sent me the same item I had gotten previously, and loved, and in a even bigger size! 276 more words

2 Million Points on Memrise

I finally did it!

After learning so many things, languages, and mainly words, I’ve finally accumulated 2 million points on Memrise!

This isn’t as big of a milestone as 1 million, but it’s double, and I’m still proud. 307 more words