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Wanderlust Seeps Into the Mind

Being a sophomore in high school means two more years till college. Meaning it’s time to start searching of colleges. Most U.S. high school students usually think about studying away from their parents. 488 more words



멀어지고 싶어서가 아니라, 그래야할꺼같아서
그럴수록 끌어당기는 사람이 너다
널 생각하면 숨쉴때마다 가슴이 쥐어짜는듯
아픈건 왜일까?
마치 너무 무거운 아령을 드는거 처럼 찢어지는듯한
느낌이드는건 왜일까?

여전히 보고있다, 너의 흔적들을
사랑한다는 말이 입술안쪽까지 치고올라왔지만
그말을 도저히 하지못하는 나는
절대로 너를 행복하게 해줄 자신이없다

결국엔 보고싶다는 말조차도
다시 삼켜버리고, 아무렇지않은듯 너를지나친다
함께 행복했었던 날들을
그저 추억으로 간직하는게 최선일꺼라는 생각이다

끝까지 이기적인 나의 바램은
너에게도, 나라는 존재가
아주 잠시동안만 이라도
사랑했던 여자로 남기를


The Drop Box: A Movie for Lent!

The story is told of a small boy who walks along the beach, tossing starfish that have washed up on shore back into the great expanse of blue. 401 more words


Visita al The War Memorial of Korea y Korean Demilitarized Zone

En esta oportunidad comparto con ustedes mi reciente experiencia en Corea del Sur. Como adelanto a un completo reporte acerca del maquetismo (y tiendas) en Seúl, presento una galería de fotos con algunos aspectos no directamente relacionados con el maquetismo, pero de interés relacionado para los aficionados. 1,021 more words


A Quest for Normality

What is normal?

That is a question that has no right or wrong answer. It varies not only from person to person but from day to day. 430 more words


The Literary Salon in Le Bon Marché Department Store – Jin Lee, Part 4

This week, we’ll finish up volume 1 of Kyung-sook Shin’s historical novel, Jin Lee (신경숙의《리진》) and move on to volume 2 of the book series. One thing of note about East Asian novels is that, unlike in the US where we have no problem carrying around a 700 or 800 page novel in one volume, the East Asians like to keep their books no larger than 300 to 400 pages, hence you get long novels split into multiple volumes though the book technically isn’t a series in the classical sense. 1,336 more words


Makanan Khas Korea Selatan


Salah satu makanan Korea yang akan paling sering kamu jumpai kalo ke Korea Selatan adalah Toppoki.  Makanan ini komposisinya biasanya tteok (rice cake) dang odeng (fish cake) yang diberi sambal korea (gochujang). 837 more words

Korea Selatan