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Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to my new blog!  This is a blog about things that used to be considered “trivia”, however, I am not using that word in the contemporary definition, I’m using the classical definition of trivia as derived from the latin word… 617 more words



Hello fellow MGTOWers. Today I wanted to share some interesting resources, that might be really useful for all of you.

First is the must-have book written by  418 more words


Believing in Belief

What is truth?  How do we know that we know?  Is it all a collection of beliefs?  Even science may say one thing today and another tomorrow, so an individual who follows yesterday’s precepts might now seem ridiculous – as if today’s explanations are closer to the truth.   550 more words



  1. Pripyat, Ukraine

Perhaps the best-known ghost town in the world, Pripyat was evacuated after the 1986 nuclear accident at the Chornobyl power plant. It previously had a population of around 50,000 but now is part of the “Chornobyl exclusion zone.” 906 more words


memory of none ~

and seasons
worthless regard
for the way
the rain sang
of the desert sometimes
telling anew
with words
scarcely heard
spent in beginning
a search… 17 more words



The smallest unit of written language; a unique combination of letters of the alphabet – technically a word can be defined so. Every idea begging to be expressed requires words to put it together. 302 more words


Market Holidays 2015

Referenced from TheStreet

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) together with the NASDAQ Stock Market are the two prominent U.S. stock exchanges that are widely considered to be “the stock market.” Both stock exchanges observe the same holiday schedule, which appears below for the year 2015.

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