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Feminism: Epistemology and Society

By Cassie Greenwald

“Would the world seem entirely different if it were pictured, felt, described, studied, and thought about from the point of view of a woman?” … 919 more words


Because It Was Hit By Another Planet

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    Why Does The Earth Look Like This?

It was struck by something.  Something big, like another planet.  I think I know why.  698 more words


Every Month is black History Month in My House...

I didn’t do a single “Black History Month” post…Because EVERY Month in my home is Black History Month…

I had so many people ask me if I was going to do some sort of daily post for my page that spoke on different individuals that contributed to the success of Black America…I thought about the idea… even figured I would pull out some names and facts about Blacks that you never hear about…I could talk about the actual revolutionist and not just give the same book report on MLK or Brother Malcolm, or talk about how Sis. 210 more words

Random Thoughts

Conceptions of Space

Space is essentially one, and multiplicity in it, consequently the general notion of spaces, of this or that space, depends solely upon limitations. Hence it follows that an à priori intuition (which is not empirical) lies at the root of all our conceptions of space.” — Immanuel Kant, Critique of Pure Reason

Knowledge: Instinct vs. Sixth Sense

There are many different types of knowledge in this world, and almost all of them involve other people. The first two, interpersonal knowledge and the objective knowledge of another person, can both be considered as some sort of social knowledge. 285 more words

Something To Think About


Remember who you are

Remember from where you have come

Remember the power that resides within you

Dear one, it is time for you to begin to remember the source of your very being. 543 more words

Quiet Teachers

Stock Knowledge, Quick Money

I use this For Targeted Web Traffic http://mscca.net There are many online money ideas floating around the web, especially now that many people have been laid off from their old work. 41 more words