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Before You Give Up, Read This

Our lives can be full of challenges day in and day out. Whether it’s making a big decision or a small one, dealing with our present circumstance or just wishing things were different – our perception can often overwhelm us. 560 more words


Fluent in french ?

English is not my native language. But I was able to master it with no effort thanks to my mom and also other people, books, music and movies. 60 more words

What girls look for in a guy? 

Well I don’t know about you but I have certain things that interest me when it comes to getting to know the male species. Having been in a relationship for 4 and a half years now with one of them I certainly know what I do and do not find attractive. 338 more words


Spirits with Bodies

I have useable knowledge. I do.
I get it from Ron Hubbard. Ron Hubbard got it from people he sent back in the fifties. Those people went back in time and brought back the knowledge of how the universe worked. 146 more words


Love captured in words

So if we*** can start this month of July with the topic ‘category of miracles’, why can’t we continue with the only single never ending category of miracles. 113 more words


Hello World, Hello Research

Does the world need another website? With so much information bombarding the average Internet user, I believe, with a hint of irony, that yes. Yes, that is exactly why the world does need another site and with a new and relevant purpose. 267 more words


Be the branch on your family tree that inspires future branches. You may not make world history but you can… #MakeFamilyHistory
– M. Goodman –