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판교 근무의 단 하나의 혜택

집 앞에 본사를 두고 판교로 출근해야 하는 아쉬움. 판교 근무의 단 하나의 혜택은 경기 콘텐츠 코리아 랩의 ‘창의 세미나 S’.

Knowledge Management

Lessons Learned: That's What I'm Talking About...

Knowing When To Apply a Lessons Learned Process
by Paul McVinney
Knowledge Management Partners, LLC

I sometimes come across questions like ‘Under what situations does lessons learned (LL) apply?’ or, ‘How do you know when to apply a lessons learned process versus some other kind of analysis?’ It seems obvious to me, because I’ve been doing this a while. 455 more words

Highlight the heroes of the Service Desk!

Create and highlight heroes and motivated employees in the service desk by implementing elements of Gamification in the creation and maintenance of a qualitative Knowledge base as a part of improving the support delivery. 231 more words

Web-based Self-service

Your KPIs Need To Be Knowledgeable

What makes business today move to ITSM more than facilitate and enable decision making? Nothing! This objective gives the IT effectively the ability to shift from being a cost center to be an added-value partner to the business. 214 more words


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Overcoming the Too Much Information (TMI) problem

One of the speakers at the Co-Dev 2015 conference on Open Innovation highlighted the problem of “Too Much Information” (TMI).  Innovative companies who are seeking innovation partners have to sift through immense sets of data in order to find and take advantage of relevant (to their innovation challenge) nuggets of knowledge. 344 more words

Decision Concepts

Measure what you measure

A key element of management of anything is developing metrics.  You get what you measure (and reward).  I was reminded of this when viewing a video by Nick Milton the other day on knowledge management, where he refers to people, process, technology, and KPIs (key performance indicators). 90 more words