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A picnic and some beads

My sister and Mum had volunteered to wallpaper the feature walk in our bedroom if I took my nephew & niece & honourary niece out for the day. 144 more words


Why I Don't Blog About Knitting...

I tried to explain to my husband what my blog was about. This was after I made the decision to even tell him that I was writing a blog. 876 more words

A new hap / Um xaile tradicional escocês

Hi everyone!

I’ve finished my hap! I’m in love with it:

This shawl has been following me for almost a year, being my goto project for flights and airports, as most of the times it was my only project in wood needles. 653 more words



I’ve been pretty interested in hats recently. I don’t even wear hats, but as I rarely knit for myself or stick to my comfort zone, they’re good practice for all sorts of skills. 149 more words


Down the Bunny Trail

As you know I’ve been just (k)nitting for others a Lush Cardigan. I’ve never been pleased with this project and had looked a bit for another pattern but just didn’t find another I liked. 564 more words