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Hats and Blankets

I’ve been busy making hats!

The white hat, I’ve made three of this same style now. Quite fun. But for both patterns, why, oh, why, does the pattern suggest you knit it flat and sew together once done? 417 more words

Knitting Baby Stuff: Lace & Simplicity

In the madness of life with an 8-month-old baby and a often busy work life, time got away from me and I completely failed to have a knit ready for the arrival of a friend’s baby girl last week. 491 more words

Baby Stuff

My Favorite Things...November

This month’s motif is pulled from one of my first attempts at both color work and hand warmers.  I’m not sure I still have the hand warmers to be honest.  312 more words


On my needles...

On my needles is growing a variegated blue angora/acrylic beanie. I am following the Sockhead Hat pattern that I found on Ravelry and I have been finding it most delightful! 457 more words

On Crafts

The Season for Sweaters

In 2014, I knit fifteen sweaters. FIFTEEN. Only one of those sweaters was adult-sized, but fifteen sweaters is no small feat. Not to mention I also knit 9 vests, 11 hats, 1 cowl, 4 pairs of mitts, 1 pair of baby leggings, 4 pairs of socks, 3 bows, and countless swatches and project beginnings. 954 more words

My hand hurts...

At school, after a test or a lesson with a lots of writing, my students complain that their hands hurt. Usually, I reply enthusiastically, “That’s a good thing, you’ve worked hard,” or “You are developing writing stamina.” I’m not sure they feel as pleased about this as I do. 304 more words

Coolest Kid on my block

Post-holiday creating means I finally have the time to do some projects I’ve been wanting to get to for a while.  I’ve wanted to do this sweater and hat by Vickie Howell since I first saw it published in Creative Knitting magazine way back in the fall of 2013.   232 more words

Yarny Goodness