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twenty facts

Spring wouldn’t be spring without a ‘blossom and blue sky’ photo, would it!

If you look closely I even managed to capture a jet too. 360 more words

Knitting & Crochet

Yarn & rails

The Seattle to Portland Yarn Train was a lot of fun! I enjoyed every minute of it – the leisurely train trip with fellow fiber fans, the delightful lunch at Thai Peacock, the numerous yarn stores we visited, Powell’s, Moonstruck Chocolates, the hot tub, the lovely hotel, the amazing breakfast at Pine State Biscuits, and equally leisurely (but much quieter) train home on Sunday. 34 more words

Knitting & Crochet

Sock scraps, squared

Yarn train, ahoy! We are on our way to Portland for a day of yarn store hopping, and I needed 5-6 hours of easy knitting – so I grabbed a bunch of scrap balls and am making mitered squares. 26 more words

Knitting & Crochet

3 seconds of spring

We woke to sun and the street sweeps buzzing about and thought for a moment “SPRING!” but that was soon wiped away with a slap of sleeting snow that the weatherman called graupel, which lead to a quizzical look from Jason and a shared “wth did the weatherman just say” moment, which then lead to a google search.. 136 more words


WIP Wednesday

It’s another use-up-the-old-stash project: more socks. Nothing fancy, just simple 3X1 rib across the instep and contrast toes & heels. Building up my inventory of warm socks for next winter!

Knitting & Crochet

Me-made May-hem! 

I skipped MMM’14 last year because of sewing burn-out. This year, I am back and I want to celebrate the things I have made, modified, and …. 204 more words


A misunderstanding

Seems that Amelia thought I was laying out my Hitchhiker scarf for her enjoyment, when really I was just trying to take a quick progress photo. 43 more words

Knitting & Crochet