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WIP Wednesday: Rediscovering Colour

I finally got to try out a craft that’s been gradually seducing me. The promise of playing with a kaleidoscopic array of colours together with yarn is too hard to resist. 421 more words


Knitters Gonna Knit

Alright, I haven’t talked about knitting for awhile. I’ve been really busy with garden planning, cooking, and sewing. But between all of that I’ve also been doing some knitting. 728 more words


A Race Against the Yarn Update

I mentioned earlier this week that I am currently in a race with the yarn that I am using for my SIL’S Christmas socks.  There are only two competitors in this dash to the finish line: me and a the remnants of the a skein of Poppy yellow label from Tanis Fibre arts.  185 more words


Paper and Fibre February 11, 15

The Fibre

This week’s fibre is a little bit of a risk.  Well maybe it’s not.  It’s almost certainly, maybe,  not a risk.  Here’s the deal.  435 more words


Lurid Rainbow Handknit Socks

There was a time in my mythical teenage years where my entire wardrobe became rather lurid. I had spent most of my life worrying about what I wore and whether it made me look ‘weird’ or ‘different’, but leaving school and leaving my childhood home made me realise that I was both of those things. 550 more words


WIP Wednesday: All The Things!

This week I have NOT been “monogamous” with my crafts, let alone my knitting projects! In fact, I’ve had EVERYTHING out in a kind of crazy crafty party for one. 602 more words



I spend a lot of time appreciating colour and colour collections. This blog I’ve decided to hunt for those bright, big, bold beyond rainbow collections in things that delight me… and to brighten up these winter days we are having… I’m going to keep to mostly pictures, so you don’t have to work hard at all on this post… just scroll through and enjoy! 629 more words