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Walk, and walk…and you hear a branch breaking behind you…

There is nothing there but your own shadow following you.

Day after day, the shadow is there. 65 more words


People should squat differently..

Came across this great article through facebook, you should all read through to have a good understand as to why people should all squat differently. 8 more words


To Grootfontein: Kit and cooking fails cause emotional downs and ups

The temperature has got a lot warmer bringing butterflies and jazz. Jazz is like quality dark chocolate it flows better when the temperature is hot. Emma runs alongside the Waterberg Plateau an impressive rock feature 405 square km over 850 million years old full of rare species. 1,152 more words


craigslist by mary jane #1 (golden shower)

**craigslist by mary jane are casual encounter ads that i think of while stoned. i rarely actually post these to craigslist, but they are entertaining to me (and a bit disturbing) so i am sharing them here instead** 81 more words


One Year On

It has been one year since my injury. One year since I tore a part of my knee using a heel hook while bouldering. One year in which I made my injury worse and in which I’ve been trying to recover so that I can climb again. 1,168 more words

Rock Climbing

Friday Funny

Here’s a little preview of how the conversation will be going at my follow-up visit with the surgeon tomorrow…

Enjoy the ride.

Soooooo, any guesses as to what the first question out of my mouth is going to be?   15 more words


Yoga Poses: Vajrasana

Vajrasana ‘thunderbolt pose’ is a basic seated pose that has powerful internal benefits to the mind, body, and spirit.

Kneel on the floor with your knees and feet together, heels separated and buttocks sitting comfortably in the seat of the feet, heels touching the hips. 201 more words