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Physiotherapy - 2nd appointment.

Returned to the Physiotherapy department today to have the mobility checked out and it seems to be going well. They have increased the degree of movement from 45 degrees to 90 degrees so we can hopefully remove the brace in the coming weeks. 110 more words

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Medial Patellafemoral Ligament Knee Reconstruction

Quick update ~ tomorrow I am having medial patella femoral ligament knee reconstruction on my left knee. In layman’s terms- its an arthroscopic surgery to hopefully fix my left patella (kneecap) from dislocating anymore. 250 more words



I am an utter fool

for you.

For you I would fall

Again and again

Not because my knees

Get weak at the sight of you… 25 more words

Physio fun

Physiotherapy, the joys of having someone poke at you and throw you around to see what hurts and where.

It seems to bloody well work though. 376 more words


Sitting on the Sofa ............ Day 28 of 100

Well, its the second day of inactivity.

The second day of being practically immobile.

And I’m fed-up.

For those of you who don’t know …….. I had an accident on Saturday afternoon; I collided rather spectacularly with my dog and damaged my left leg.   387 more words

We Shall Bake Bread Together, On Our Knees

Well, at least that’s the way I hear it when we sing it in church. Conjures up some interesting images of people scooting around a kitchen. 117 more words


Love Poem #45 (Repost for Love Poems for the Exes 1)

You chronicled

My shift

In sexual power

A game

I knew when you

Went to your knees

I was powerful

Stronger than you thought

For it is the weak… 9 more words