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Is This Kitten Homogeneous?

When you see a KittyCatS cat with the trait that you want and then you view its family tree; it’s very easy to assume that it may be pure in the trait that you want, if you see… 379 more words



Second Life is a huge place with tons of things to explore and discover.

One of the areas I’ve never really explored is breedables.

Most of what I remember from breedables is old – back when they were script-laden, lag-inducing nightmares. 311 more words

Second Life

3 Things Thursday

I have had good enough labs for the last 3 years so I don’t have to get my blood taken again for at least 6 months yays!!! 40 more words

New Market Area - New Shop Space and Stalls for Rent in Second Life

Gather your wares and come join us on Butter Island, WynnEncore sim to sell your creations and breedables, or anything in between! We have a… 42 more words



Did I say I was at the brink of perfection? Ha!

I added a waterfall curtain, water that splashes when you enter and leave it and added some fabulous plants I took from a couple of other houses from the same creator as this house, LCN. 614 more words



Yesterday and today….I achieved some sort of perfection level. Perfection in the sense that I am really happy with what I have put together.

It is like all kinds of elements have aligned correctly. 1,160 more words


Tents and Hair

I looked at a lot of options for the cats yesterday. I wanted something with a dual purpose; perhaps a lounger that the cats could also sleep on. 896 more words