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My morning message from my sister began with...

And folllwed by, the cats destroyed the cat flap over the weekend now we have this shiny new one. Well done kitties.


To Naked Kitty or to not Naked Kitty..........

So Dominic wants a Sphinx cat.

And I’m not feeling it. But over the last few days, I really don’t think I’m going to be able to change his mind, so I have to start coming up with other reasons we can’t get one. 203 more words


An Introduction to Jinx and Milo

I am a cat person. Always have been, although I never “owned” a cat until I was in my early twenties. Being an apartment renter is the only thing that keeps me from becoming a “crazy cat lady.” Well, that and the fact that I hate scooping smelly litter boxes. 601 more words

Cat Care

My Favorite


When my husband, then boyfriend, and I first moved in together, we wanted to get a pet because that’s what couples did to show they were committed. 1,890 more words

Regular-type Talk

Sunny Florida

Over the weekend, my sister and I migrated to the warmer beaches of Miami, FL, to go visit my parents. K also used this opportunity to go visit his parents in Michigan, and by the luck of the draw his cousin had his baby boy over the weekend!! 377 more words


Vampire Kitties

Please join me on my website to read this poem HERE, but beware! LOL