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A "Quiet" Saturday Morning

A few weeks ago we decided to try having Bess pup sleep uncrated upstairs with Bonnie, Belle and Greg and I.  After a week getting used to the new arrangement it’s working out well and the crate will be taken down and stored for some future use. 291 more words

Golden Retrievers


The sun is shining and its in the 40’s right now but it is going to get into the 70’s today but what is is unbelievable is now there is a brush fire alert for many places because of the dry conditions and the wind?   248 more words



Kitties very playful today.  they knocked over one of the dining room chairs this morning.  I hope that isn’t going to be a recurring activity.  I am pretty glad I didn’t bring up the china closets.   377 more words


DIY Cat Tree, House and Scratching Post

I was given a great spool. You know the giant spools electricians carry massive amounts of wire wrapped around? Well I was given one, and not gonna lie, the array of ideas that invaded my head of all the things I could do with said spool. 786 more words

Inside Stuff

This Little Boy Who Hasn't Gotten K's Down Yet Adorably Asks If He Can 'Pet The Titties'

Learning to talk is hard, okay? Not only do you have to learn an entire language from scratch while your brain is still forming, but you have to pronounce words like spaghetti and strawberries and dinosaur. 66 more words

Web Culture

I shouldn't have had regular coffee yesterday

I was feeling pretty hyper and lost stuff at home (my password list) but happily found it when I got home this evening and people were irritating me. 344 more words