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It’s spring! Nyangmi enjoying the sunlight at Hulk’s place.


That Frozen Peach Family - Zuko

Our family of 5 grew Monday evening to a family of 6! For awhile I had been itching for a new baby to love and while we were on vacation I noticed that my cat Rajah seemed to be rather lonely by himself in our house and seemed very stressed out when we came home.   1,365 more words


Funny Arguing Cats

Cats are like people. Sometimes cats have bad days. Sometimes cats get an upset tummy. Sometimes cats will come across other cats that are not nice. 64 more words


Fat Cats

First, let me say this. You should never overfeed your cat. If you want your best buddy to be around for years to come, feed them responsibly. 85 more words


Cats Is Funny

You wanna know what I consider to be heaven? 14 minutes of non-stop cat hilarity. Man, this might be the funniest collection of funny cat videos. 76 more words


Oops! It's Okay, Kitty

I don’t laugh at cats. I laugh with them. I would never want to hurt a cat’s feelings, but sometimes cats, like people, do stupid things. 50 more words


These NYC Cats Are Looking For HOMES!

Two boys and a Lady. Lady is all vaccinated and spayed. Her boys are ready for all this (and yes I will help their forever parents do this at a low cost/free if is not done by the time they adopt) but all SUPER HEALTHY and great calm, playful, good nature cats. 18 more words