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Bathroom Taps: Including to the Elegance

Bathroom Taps  play a very part in along with a new look to any bathing space. The faucets should be chosen concentrating on the internal planning or complete of bathing room. 549 more words


Buckminster Fuller: the Dymaxion Bathroom & House

Buckminster Fuller was a 20th century inventor and visionary who did not limited to one field of expertise. He worked as a ‘comprehensive anticipatory design scientist’ to solve global problems. 146 more words

Tips And Tricks

Cabinet Oil Grease Remover

1 part vegetable oil

2 parts baking soda

mix and scrub on and let it set then wipe away


Office Supply Storage For Kitchen 2

exactly. use magnet strips to adhere onto fridge.. perfect


Office Chrome Storage For Kitchen

for sponges and other crap… soap… scrubbers, brillo pad.


Evolution of Kitchen Appliances [Infographic]

Kitchen is one of the most crucial parts of any house and we always wish to employ newest kitchen appliances to store and cook food. Although methods and tools we use for cooking food have evolved a lot in recent years but we can’t overlook the importance of conventional appliances. 230 more words


Kitchen update - the units are finally here!

Last week saw us take a massive step forwards. The kitchen units have been delivered at last! We had our fantastic joiner Mickey in to tackle all the big stuff, and the in-laws also dropped in to share their expertise. 418 more words