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'Seventh Son' (2015) - Movie Review

★★ | Ben Lane

If you want to hear Jeff Bridges using annoyingly raspy vocal patterns for a 100 minute running time as Julianne Moore’s witch character turns herself into a dragon at will, then… 766 more words

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Review: Seventh Son, 2015, dir. Sergei Bodrov

“This close. You were this close, Sergei Bodrov, this close to finding the right ratio of badness to goodness—this close to churning out a ham and cheese sandwich to rival the likes of Beastmaster, Willow and Hawk the Slayer. 91 more words


Seventh Son - AKA The Dude Fights a Dragon

We went to see Seventh Son, starring The Dude and The Dude’s Main Squeeze. (Oh yeah, and some young unknown who plays the actual… 276 more words

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