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Recipe For Disaster

There is no understating the importance of a first impression. A first impression is make or break. A first impression can be the difference between a friend or a foe. 1,042 more words


Thanks For Cumming


It’s not surprising that one of the biggest sources of contention between men and women comes from the bedroom. And I’m not even talking about sex. 1,267 more words


Having friends over, playing in the park

We had three families over to celebrate Mother’s Day and two birthdays and the kids had a great time hanging out.

Princess Tinderella

When I was a little girl I thought growing up and falling in love was going to be easy. I imagined that it would just happen, the way it did for the Princesses in my favourite Disney movies. 410 more words


BOY TALK - Going Down To Tinky Town

Every once in a while we’ll throw a question out to a bunch of ridiculously handsome, funny, intelligent men – who are willing to do the unthinkable and break boy code. 1,354 more words


Last Characters

Next I worked on getting the last of the characters done to their base point, as time has caught up with me and it’s all I have time left for due to how long it takes me to paint and having made my code fairly more detailed than expected of us, and implemented them. 210 more words

Running the Race of Life...

I have hesitated for some time to write a post on running. Exercise for me is a necessary evil. If I could invent a way to get the benefits of exercise without actually doing the exercise… I would be happy, and rich. 874 more words