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Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas holds an annual star-studded event at the Los Angeles Mission every Thanksgiving in which celebrities help volunteers feed the homeless.

The Douglases’ interest in improving LA’s playgrounds started in 1997, when Anne Douglas learnt of the deplorable condition of Los Angeles’ public school playgrounds. 65 more words

Celebrity Charity Events

Quote of the Week

How did Paths of Glory come together?

Once Kirk Douglas agreed to do the film, he was very helpful in influencing United Artists to finance it. 266 more words


A Tip of The Hat

Just want to take a moment to thank two sites that have taken the time to have a look at some of my ramblings on films and featured me as a guest contributor to their own film sites. 91 more words

Daily Take

A Masquerade Ball Ushers in a New Era for a Home-Grown Brooklyn Museum

On Thursday, the Museum of the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA) held its inaugural Masquerade Gala at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The event celebrated artists and activists Mickalene Thomas, Tonya Lewis Lee, Spike Lee, and Phillip Agnew of the Dream Defenders for their contributions to the arts and social justice. 339 more words

Lonely are the Brave (1962)

Early in Lonely are the Brave, a cowboy named Jack Burns, Kirk Douglas, is riding back to civilization. Even though Burns and his horse “Whiskey” have been “out on the range” for weeks, this is not the old west. 917 more words


Kirk Douglas: Disaster Tourism for Fun & Profit

We humans are fascinated by disaster and tragedy.

Many tourist attractions (politely named “Interpretive Centres”) have been built on the sites of man-made and natural disasters. 659 more words


Paths of Glory (1957)

Stanley Kubrick’s bare-knuckle screed about war and military injustice, set during World War I and amid the French; Kirk Douglas plays a colonel ordered to shove his men into a hopeless slaughter; when they eventually refuse, he’s compelled to… 51 more words