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Film Review: 'The Hunting Ground' - Not just a woman's film

The Hunting Ground is one of the most confrontational documentaries I have seen. Maybe it is just because I am a woman, or maybe it is because the facts and figures presented were so shocking that the audience were appalled and unnerved. 450 more words

The Hunting Ground (SFF Film Review)

The Hunting Ground is currently showing at the Sydney Film Festival. You can purchase your tickets here.

Sexual assault experiences the same amount of false claims as every other crime (that includes robbery, car jacking and murder) and yet it is the only crime where a false claim is the immediate assumption, and the presumed guilt of the victim needs to be attended to prior to a proper investigation of the alleged assailant takeing place. 944 more words

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Our Brand Is Rape Skepticism: On Slate and Emily Yoffe's Weird 'Hunting Ground' Obsession

Here’s a not-terribly-controversial opinion: I don’t have a problem with advocacy journalism. Sneering at the term presumes our news outlets are otherwise working from a perspective of unimpeachable objectivity, which anyone who’s worked in the news knows is outright bunk; calling that spade a spade dispenses with such outmoded ideals, and lets writers and researchers get down to the business of fighting the good fight against injustice. 1,383 more words


The Mask You Live In, The Hunting Ground - Reynolda FF 2015

Thanks to my friend, Mary M. Dalton, Ph.D. (to my complete joy, she casually mentioned that the festival was happening), I was able to see three films last week at the… 591 more words


REVIEW: The Hunting Ground

Kirby Dick opens “The Hunting Ground” with a montage of one of the happiest moments in a young person’s life – opening their college acceptance letter (set to “Pomp & Circumstance,” no less).   301 more words

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HUNTING GROUND : College Campus

Here at Pinks+Femme, we are very excited to introduce our first guest blogger, 2Reason, who was inspired to write a piece regarding Kirby Dick’s documentary… 688 more words


F.I.L.M. of the Week (April 16, 2015)

When I was in eighth grade, I wrote a research paper on the controversies surrounding the MPAA and the ratings system they provide for the film industry.   285 more words

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