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god has no grandchildren

God has no grandchildren 

If I believe something because you told me it was right and I believed you; then who or what do I believe? 240 more words



This is the gospel message in a nutshell. We as adults must see and touch and feel to believe something´╗┐.

Children don’t have to see or touch or feel to believe in it. 178 more words

the woes of Job

When I’m experiencing the hardships of this life, I think to myself, “I bet this is how Job felt!”

“I bet Job felt just like I do right now. 586 more words


A castle

Rootless roots
Rot no more
Homeless house
Has found love
Once more
Kingdom comes
Courts arise
Heavenly happiness
Her majesty has arrived.


A Powerful Culture

As Julie rode with me towards the point of departure to drop me off, I told her that I was looking forward to how the leadership dynamic was about to play out. 394 more words