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Say My Name, You Know Who I Am.

The Future of….Media Management
– by Susannah Clark, Global VP Communications at King

I have a confession to make.

I really love trashy American reality TV. 890 more words


Life lessons We can get from the board game Chess

For me, playing chess is not just a hobby nor a past time. I’m not that good at it, but I’m very blessed to be part of the chess varsity team in my college years. 661 more words

For King and Country

When duty and honour overcome all fears!


The King climbed the rock strewn rubble slope his banner floating high

Then drew his great sword from its sheath and raised it to the sky… 146 more words


The Linen Expertise

We have linen, sheets, comforters and towels.


Take ONE guess what Piers Morgan's #AskPOTUS health care question was about

One-time CNN host Piers “Musket” Morgan, whose “Piers Morgan Tonight” seemingly turned into a single-minded nightly diatribe against U.S. gun rights after the horrific Sandy Hook massacre, decided to hornĀ in on the president’s Twitter Q&A session today on the Affordable Care Act. 251 more words


Being powerful for Christ...

I heard a sermon a few weeks ago about being powerful for Christ and its still got me thinking. It’s premise was about how each of us as being believers and followers of Jesus Christ should seek how we can be powerful for Christ. 210 more words