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prayers are with B.B.King

seeing the pictures his daughter had of him

and dealing with him in Hospice.

B.B.King  has made a lasting impact musically

and with Lucille his guitar which  has left… 63 more words


Stephen King's: Thinner


Genre: Comedy, Horror, Thriller

Rating: 18

Release Date: 11th July 1997 (UK)

The movie is based on Stephen King’s ‘Thinner’. It is based on an obese lawyer, Billy Halleck (Robert Burke), who has a curse put on him by a gypsy (Michael Constantine), after running over his granddaughter. 164 more words


Say no to stagnation

A stagnant pool attracts unpleasant organisms. The water itself turns toxic for many living beings. Similarly,  a stagnant mind is dangerous. It dwells within preset thought frames  thereby contaminating the whole character. 488 more words

By Declaration of The King

Hello, my loyal subjects! I’ve brought you all here today to discuss some things that are going on around here, as well as some things we’ve got to change if we’re going to strive as a community. 583 more words

favorite album and songs | Favorites

Favorite album:
My favorite album of this week is Broke With Expensive Taste by Azealia Banks, quite surprising since she and my favorite artist Iggy Azalea have beef with each other. 438 more words

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More fun with FIRST GRADE OPERAS: the King, the Queen and the Wacky Witch

KING COFFERN (looking through his special magnifying glass):

“I want to find a queen who is beautiful and kind.  Let’s see what Queens I can find with my magnifying glass.  611 more words


A year later the king took a second wife. She was beautiful, but she was proud and overbearing, and she couldn’t bear the thought that anyone might be more beautiful than she.