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The Sufi Shrine of Burhan Al – Din Gharib at Khuldabad

As a student I was taught that in Indian Subcontinent, it was the Sufi saints of Chishti establishment, who had made significant contribution to the spread of medieval Islamic civilisation. 839 more words


Some Sorts Of Drugs

I notice that we tend to define people by what they do rather than who they are. This week my friend asked, “Who’s Bob Marley?” To my disappointment, one of my classmates responded with, “He’s a black guy who smokes weed.” Have we really become so low as to define people by their actions, skin color, or the type of drug they use? 116 more words



“Do not ever give up on yourself. You are a bright and burning star filled with hope and potential. You are meant to accomplish great things in this life and your sparks will ignite the lives of others. 75 more words


The Power of Looking Into Another Person's Eyes

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Do you believe that?

What would happen if you took time to quietly sit with a friend or loved one and looked deeply into their eyes? 42 more words

Kindness is Hard

So I was worried about having to make one of these posts where I failed terribly and my week didn’t go as I had planned, and I was worried I would feel so bad about it. 928 more words


The Power of the Tongue (When You've Got One Smile Left)

I once shared an office with a guy who got lots of calls. I mean, a ton of calls. About 50% of his calls were work-related while the other half were personal. 809 more words


Gratitude, March 1, 2015

Things I am desperately grateful for…

  1. Being home.
  2. Having taken a trip to Paris.
  3. Circumstances that force one’s hand when one doesn’t get off their duff at the first sign (or two, or ten…)
  4. 9 more words