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I didn't know giving compliments could be this intense....

It sounds so intense and intimidating, but let’s see you who can out-compliment their opponent, the best. If thug-life had a good side, this would probably be one of it.


Parenting Isn't Always Easy...

“If you’re going to complain about your kids. You shouldn’t have had them.”

I’ve seen this more than once on face book. Both from parents and non parents. 292 more words


Accepting Kindness

I have a really hard time with this. When someone compliments me it is incredibly awkward. I typically just laugh awkwardly and thank them. In therapy today, she told me that she could see that I was a very kind and compassionate person and that I deserved love and support. 190 more words

Livorno, Tuscany, Italy

Lord we lift up Tuscany. I decree and declare a sweetness to that land, that those people are known for their kindness. Thank You Father for giving every single one of them a revelation of Your awesome kindness, in Jesus’ name amen!

Photo by Bram van Broekhoven.

Daily Tidbits

the woman who thought she saved my life

This just happened.

I was riding the escalator down into the belly of Powell Station to take BART home, crying a little because I had been thinking about some things that made me sad, of hopes not yet realized, and other things I sometimes think about on Tuesdays. 569 more words

San Francisco

How To Enjoy: The Good, Bad And Ugly

Relationships are fraught with trouble. Relationships are fragile. The terrain is complicated. In any given situation, where one person reacts with rage another is sad; where one is amused, another is confused.  696 more words


We Have To Believe

We have to believe in love.  We have to practice it every day, with our family and friends and with strangers.  Being a Nurse, has given me the honor of giving love as my profession.   231 more words