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Kindness, technology

My lap tops locked me out, I can’t use my phone, the wifi isn’t working. It’s a bad technology day. Technology is unkind and apple just isn’t intuitive!!!


Forgiveness isn't freedom

I received a jaunty little email in my inbox today all about the power of forgiveness. Small bites of sage about giving others power over my happiness and poisoning myself by holding on to my grudge, yada, yada, etc. 326 more words


"I am learning."

“I am learning to let go of who and what no longer fits, and suddenly like magic I’m surrounded by good, caring people. I am, I am learning.” J Cioffa


Sheer Physics

I woke up suddenly, it is about 5:00 am.   I look around the room and everything feels different in ways that I can’t describe.  It is like waking up into a new life, a new karmic path, but the walls still look the same.  862 more words


Clothed with kindness

Researchers from the University of Utah found there’s a price to pay when couples don’t get along. They found that women who buried anger were more likely to succumb to heart disease than wives who were vocal, and that women who were domineering damaged their husbands’ coronary health. 79 more words