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School decisions in Reality Land

Things are getting all kinds of real around here.

Today, I pre-registered Corin for kindergarten at our local public school. (He now has a nap mat and official Scales Elementary canvas bag!) I also met with Lina’s TEIS (TN Early Intervention Services) coordinator for her six month review, in which we updated her therapy goals and discussed her transition to the public school system in September. 505 more words

The Big Idea- HUGE Drawings

We do a LOT of drawing in our house.  It’s something I enjoy, so when my kids get bored, my solution is to draw.  It’s funny how simply changing the size of something reinvigorates interest- in this case, the size of the paper.   132 more words

Miss Kat

Links: Putting Things in Order

As a child I loved things like puzzles, patterns, and sequencing games. I think it just appealed to this part of me that craves order. Now that craving hasn’t quite reached the part of my life that includes cleaning my room, but I do have a great appreciation for these great kindergarten games! 35 more words

Kids Nook

Molly's Dreams - Chapter three

Soon after Christmas it was time for me to start school. I felt very important as I got dressed in my new school uniform for the first time, although my feet hurt from those shiny black leather shoes. 6,164 more words


Hebrew Steps - in kindergarten

Anat has to take care of 14 kids in the Kindergarten where she works as an assistant and then 3 more kids wait for her at home for a second shift… 189 more words

Hebrew Steps

Which spelling is correct: kindergarten or kindergarden?

Which spelling is correct: kindergarten or kindergarden?

answer: kindergarten


Hangzhou has football leagues for kindergarten children

By Yutang Sports

It was reported that Hanghzhou has created a football league at kindergarten level.

The capital city of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou, which started football programs in 2009, was among the first cities do develop school football. 75 more words