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Frankston Family Day Care

**I am delighted to welcome a lovely new family to Angela’s Family Day Care!**

Family Day Care offers so many wonderful opportunities for partnerships between families and educators, and offers a much greater level of individual care than most child care centres can provide. 97 more words

Child Care

Kindergarten Craziness: Wild Visitor!

True story: Crazy things happen in kindergarten! You put 25 (or more!) kindergarteners in one room together and despite the order and peace that I try to embrace in my room, sometimes craziness happens! 310 more words


"Graduation" Day

Well that’s it, everybody. It’s official. We’re done with Kindergarten. One year down. Twelve to go.

Today was our daughter’s “graduation” day. I’m sticking “graduation” in “quotations” because it was drummed into me in grade 9 that you only graduate once, in grade 12, and if you refer to graduation in any other scholastic context you’re only fooling yourself. 859 more words


Today's anecdote is brought to you by the letter S. 

A quick and cute little anecdote for you.

Yesterday afternoon was a quiet one in our house. We had a busy day on Saturday, and he had a play date in the morning, so Willy and I were enjoying laying low together. 412 more words

Podcast Episode 36: The M-Word

In this episode:

  • Potter is torn on how to explain the SCOTUS ruling on marriage to the Tiny Human
  • The science behind why people (including Candy) hate the word MOIST…
  • 201 more words
Audio Podcast


I got shin splints from playing zombie tag yesterday with my kindergarteners. ❤


Kinder Wednesday

I missed Kinder Wednesday yesterday. And it was awful.

I HATE not seeing my Kindergarteners. I made them cupcakes and took them to Mrs. Repko this morning. 51 more words