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Millennial Nostalgia: "Call Me, Beep Me" - The Kim Possible Theme Song

That’s right. Lately, I can’t stop rocking out to this song, and I highly doubt that those of us who grew up with Disney’s Kim Possible… 980 more words

Millennial Nostalgia

Here's The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 2 Episodes 1 &2

And we’re back! I missed Kim and Ron and Rufus last week, and I was really excited to see how we progress from here. But, let’s get started. 875 more words


I Just Discovered GIFs

So, I was perusing a cool aricle about why Kim Possible was the best TV show of the 2000s (I know, laugh all you want) when I saw this little clip on repeat. 47 more words

Fun Stuff


Remember Kim Possible? That crime fighting babe from Family Channel? Yes, the one in the hot-ass cropped top and perfect lipstick application. It was during my most recent attempt to rock a red lip that I decided to dust off the old lip stain and try something a little different… 267 more words


Here's The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 1: Episode 21

Well, we’ve reached the end of season 1, and it’s been a pretty cool 10 weeks, don’t you think? I’ll dive into season 2 in a few weeks. 565 more words


Kimpossible & More In Most Missed TV Animations (According To Mannie)

Y’all remember those days, when TV Cartoons were still the BOMB-DIGITY!? Well, I do! And although a few of them today are cool, they still don’t beat the old ones. 464 more words

According To Mannie

Here's The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 1 Episodes 17 & 18

It’s Batman Eternal week again, so, we’re a day early on the KP recap this week. We’re really getting into the best stuff in the series now, when it’s settled into it’s patterns but everything was still fresh and exciting. 870 more words