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Assignment #2

  1. Headlines are very important when it comes to web content because they attract attention and lure or hook people into reading the rest of your content.
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The Dress

The #KUWTK Season 10 Trailer Is Here!

This season will be full of classic Kardashian drama. We’ll get to see Kendall’s blossoming model career, the aftermath of Kris and Bruce’s divorce, and Kimye trying for another baby. 51 more words


North West Is Getting the Playground Of Her Dreams

North West is too posh to play in a peasant-filled playground, so her parents are building her the jungle gym of her dreams. Tubular slides and disc swings from Toys R Us simply won’t do. 47 more words


Do not go to London to buy a Heat Magazine.

I promise you all that if you stop reading celebrity gossip, the papers will stop printing it. Perhaps promise is the wrong word. I PLEAD you to stop reading celebrity gossip. 436 more words

Topic: Get Some Self-Respect! (NSFW)

“Put your fucking tits away you slut”.

“Get some self-respect”.

“No man will want you if you dress like a slut, men like women with self-respect”. 536 more words


The Extraordinary Khada Ling Baba: The Coming Alive of Naked Baba Performing Penis Tricks

 Turns out there is a phallus which defies all logic and has me off the penis for sometime now.

So the story is my brother recently went on a tour to Varanasi. 710 more words


Can we all look like Kim Kardashian on Instagram?

When Kim Kardashian revealed the iPone app she uses to filter all her selfies for Instagram, we were intrigued. Then we downloaded it, and were frankly bewildered. 265 more words