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Killing Time Is Back Up At Amazon!

Something strange and terrible is happening to Randolph Stevens’s world. Pieces of it are disappearing, bit by bit. And he’s the only one who notices. 12 more words


A moment together

I’ve had Alene to myself for the last three days — Memorial Day weekend. She does lead something of a double life and I have to be mindful of the need to not intrude too much on the life that requires her to go out in the world and earn a living. 214 more words

Musings & Personal


This friday we get stucked at the Moscow airport. We had to stay the whole night in cause of a thunderstorm. I know this airport from all my flight to Russia pretty well, but it was a strange calm feeling to see this place at night.   41 more words


Devourers of Time

Never enough time,  or so it seems these days. That’s what I keep telling myself at any rate. Deep down I know it’s just a self-delusional justification though.  507 more words


Transit geeks and data geeks

You know you’re a data geek when crunching a few numbers cheers you up at the end of a trying day!

Alene actually had a decent day that was fun for me to watch — relaying highlights to Allen — but she did get a slightly upsetting email right before she left work — and I could feel she was bummed out all the way home on the bus. 464 more words

Musings & Personal

Coffee together

We have coffee together most mornings — but Alene isn’t always paying enough attention to notice. I decided to ger her attention this morning.

Before she went out, I had her check the weather and time at Puerto Williams. 227 more words

Killing Time

Chapter 0 - Revelations and pushing the restart button - sure it could be a sex joke, why not.

It’s been awhile, so I’ll make this part of the story short.
Got in a car accident today.  Nobody got hurt, just never fun.
Good times.   585 more words