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How to Kill Time at the Airport

If you’re like me, you somehow always get to the airport obnoxiously early, despite all your attempts not to. On the one hand, having extra time at the airport is kind of nice–it’s like a little bubble where you’re forced to just chill out and relax (because we obviously aren’t going to use our time there productively and do work or anything absurd like that). 655 more words


Getting free stuff

I’ve had access to the Internet since I was 12, I remember the computers being brought in and being taught how to use AltaVista, which at the time was probably the best search engine available. 331 more words


Killing Time

I am killing time at the bar, waiting to interview a person for my thesis, and I sit down at the high top table with my beer, and eagerly await the tube shaped meat which is abound with lips and assholes–like my father says “everything but the squeal”–that is still being prepared. 146 more words

Over 30 hours of travel ahead. 

I love visiting countries and travelling but what I don’t love Is the long fights, saying goodbye to loved ones after visiting and the crappy ass toilets on the plane and not being able to use public toilets in general to take care of business lol I won’t go into more detail there. 374 more words


Disgruntled Dispositions

Twenty minutes after ordering

And I still don’t have my burger

The coffee, left in my cup

Has grown cold

And I’m pretty sure it’s decaf… 122 more words

Dicky J Loweman

Killing time/slå ihjäl tid

Killing time is not what I do these days. Instead I fill the time with lots to do with a tight deadline. Hopefully I soon get more time for read blogs and post on my own blog. 57 more words

What Ever/Övrigt

The Art of Looking Busy

If you work for a Korean company and at a moment when there is not much work to do, I bet you must be bored. Using internet is not a “legal” option. 509 more words