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The End is Always the Beginning...

I’ve read the beginnings of thousands of books, everything from romance to mystery, and everything in between, and its always the good ones that start at the end…spoil sports.  654 more words


Thank Dog for Star Signs

I have to find the darker side of myself when I write as the killer – I think it’s the Gemini in me….

© Kait King, 2015

Psycho Killer Thriller

I am Mr. Brightside

Sejujurnya gue adalah seseorang yang memiliki “kecenderungan” untuk mencoba menjadi seorang pembunuh. Well, not a big thing. Ketika dalam kondisi critical unstable emotion, gue bisa aja ngebenci seseorang orang sampe bilang “kalau bukan karena ada tuhan di dunia ini, mungkin lu udah jadi orang yang pertama kali gue bunuh”, dan gue pernah ngelakuin itu, walaupun abis itu gue minta maaf saking takutnya itu kejadian, dan Alhamdulillah sampai sekarang gue nggak pernah ngebunuh siapapun, wong liat kucing mati aja suka kasian gimana mau ngebunuh orang. 197 more words


Lowe’s vs. the Bee Killer

Thumbs up to home improvement big box store Lowe’s (NYSE: LOW, $74.18) for its commitment to get rid of pesticides containing neonicotinoids, the ones that kill honeybees! 344 more words


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So said Mr Newton. 760 more words

Irish Man In The Middle East

judith listens

judith’s squareness is in her jaws,
she says there’s angles in everything
and she just wears them on her face

she turns away, feeling annoyed… 153 more words

Pain killer, pleasure killer

This really shouldn’t be a surprise – drugs that suppress pain could also be suppressing pleasure.

Paracetamol: Pain killer also kills pleasure

Paracetamol is an effective pain reliever but also reduces feelings of pleasure, a study suggests.

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