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The archives- An everyday Easter

Easter is over.

Jesus has risen.

The kids are hyped up on sugar.

You survived one more holiday meal with the in-laws.

Now what?

I’ll be honest, this particular post has been a tricky one. 642 more words

Kids with autism don’t react to good and bad smells

Children with autism spectrum disorder often have either an exaggerated or a numbed response to sight, sound and touch. This behavior is so common that it’s one of the diagnostic criteria for the disorder. 807 more words


The archives- Our most valuable assets

I’m writing with a heavy heart today, but after much pondering, I think what I have to say must be spoken, or written, anyways.

This past weekend, I was taking one of my favorite three-year-olds to the local park for a few hours. 1,102 more words

The 9-year-old's Boyfriends, or a Look at the General Philosophy of Romantic Love

Well. I wish I had recorded THAT conversation.

And I face a slight ethical dilemma in sharing this with you, because when she saw that I was transcribing what we’d talked about, she didn’t want me sharing the story with anyone but her grandparents. 969 more words

Life -- The Universe -- And Everything

Heart of a Samurai. By Margi Preus

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The book, “Heart of a Samurai” is filled with adventure and suspense. It is based on a real story.  First, when you look at the cover you may think,  ok it’s a book about a boy who becomes a Samurai. 318 more words



Of late, there have been reports of infant deaths after administration of general anaesthesia. Such cases have occurred in India and abroad, creating doubts towards the safety of sedation and general anaesthesia. 479 more words