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Fighting and action flash games

Ever since flash games have moved faraway from fast-paced twitch shooters like Quake and Painkiller, campers happen to be a serious plague on the first person shooter genre online. 381 more words

Online Games

Date Night

From the title of this blog post you would probably assume that my hubby and I got to go out tonight, together, alone…. NOPE. My date tonight was my handsome 8 year old son Monster and Hubby’s dates were our 6 year old twin girls Bear and Monkey. 350 more words


The Things My Mother Told Me: About Motherhood

1. Your body will never look the same…ever.
Then again some people get lucky. I was not one of those people.
2. Labor is like tearing you from the front to the back, up the middle while laying on a bed of nails with salt on each nail…. 177 more words


Write the story of how you came by one of your scars. Be sure to describe the scar, including the location.

Okay! Autobio once more! (basically, you’re going to get autobios whenever my creative brainpower is on the fritz. March has been particularly trying, for some reason. 859 more words

365 Day Challenge

Mom Jean Confessions: Momaholic

“Hi, my name’s Cammeo and I’m a momaholic.” What’s a momaholic, you might ask? I myself didn’t know until enduring the longest days of my life this past week – when both my husband and my mom incidentally landed themselves out of town, giving one helpless mama a much needed wake-up call. 1,467 more words

My Week In Style

Easter Themed Science Experiment Using Peeps! 🐣

We love holidays at our house as I’m sure most families with small children do as well.

My kids are full of energy and excitement most days but are on giddy overload as holidays approach. 590 more words

Who's the Mom?

As any parent of multiples can attest, having twins gets you a lot of attention when you’re out in public. A trip to the local grocery store can bring as many as 3-5 “Oooh, twins!” experiences in a single outing. 517 more words