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Mr. Fratto Jumps in an Xbox 2

This is a different William – not the one from “Mr. Fratto and the Difficulties” fame.  This one contains many of the same action devices, but not the brevity. 10 more words

Childrens Art

Mr. Fratto Marries Apple Jack

This must be the sequel to me breaking up with Pinky.  I was so ready for another marriage to another pony pretending to be woman that it only took me three minutes to not only agree to marriage, but have the ceremony. 9 more words

Childrens Art

Mr. Fratto: Zombies

I die in zombie world because of my inner fashionista.  Having to run from twin girl-zombies didn’t seem like reason enough to change out of my heels.   36 more words

Childrens Art

Mr. Fratto Goes to Never Time

If I knew what Never Time was, I might be able to help more with what’s going on.  All I know is that I still call for my mommy when I get scared in alternate dimensions.

Childrens Art

Mr. Fratto Turns into a Hamburger

I was just singing to the class when suddenly I become delicious food.  While I may have been able to run from most of them, one student proved too quick for me and took a bite. 7 more words

Childrens Art

Mother's Day Art

I went to see a new naturopath in Etobicoke which turned out to be somewhat of a disaster.

He gave me some supplements which are currently bothering my heart.   436 more words