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SEO: Keyword Edition

We’ve talked so much about how keywords play a huge part with SEO, but we never went too much into detail. As we already discussed in our previous posts, it all begins when you type your keywords into the search engine. 447 more words


More on contextual marketing

For what kinds of customers is contextual marketing effective?

Contextual marketing becomes more effective the more customers spend time online, or otherwise connected to the Internet through mobile devices. 711 more words


Biggest SEO mistakes to avoid in 2015

Keywords are the key to your website’s success – use them wisely

In order for your website to be SEO optimized, one of the key (pun intended) essentials is optimizing your content with keywords, which in turn can generate large page views and redirect web traffic to your website. 1,339 more words

import keyword

When using a class contained in the same package, you can directly use the class name in the source code. For example, in the following example, MemberInfo class and Address class are in the same package. 136 more words

JSP Web Programming

AdWords: A Key Componet to Small Business Sucess

Google AdWords is a powerful tool for small and large companies. I especially think that small companies can drastically improve their lead generation and brand awareness through developing campaigns with ad groups and displaying them on search pages. 788 more words

How to Use Keywords in Content

How do search engines know what your keywords are, anyway? The search engines crawl around a website looking for naturally repeated words, phrases and related words. 1,011 more words


Key Considerations when Writing Content

As you’ve been researching keywords, analyzing competitors and so on, you’ve probably discovered your website’s real issue — you have insufficient or weak content. It takes a lot of words to convince potential customers and the search engines that you are a subject matter expert. 746 more words