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First world problems

This colleague was having a total meltdown in the office, tears and everything, so I gingerly approached and tried to do the whole sympathy routine that you feel obliged to do. 115 more words


Restoration Relief

Lost all my work with a stoke of the keys
Being CTRL A and delete
But wait no, that’s not the way it should be… 35 more words

Passwords and other secrets in source code

Secrets are bad. Secrets in source code are an order of magnitude worse.
Secrets are difficult to protect. Every attacker goes after the secrets and we must protect our secrets against all of them. 23 more words



No locks, no doors, no little boxes , just keys to the past: Probably also something for an office in a building long gone, equally unlockable and un-locatable.  14 more words


I’ve heard some key to success in blogging so i thought to share them here so other bloggers may too take advantages of them. These are below! 121 more words