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Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Aetna’s pay hikes: Why now?

Last week, it was TJX, the parent of T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. The previous week: Wal-Mart . Before that, it was Aetna, Starbucks… 1,005 more words



Señor Hayek, ¿Está diciendo que un grupo de personas altamente educadas pretenden dirigir el destino de ese organismo tan complejo llamado economía? Ridículo,este fascinante organismo rápidamente percibe cualquier perturbación y reacciona a la misma. 204 more words

Left wing supply side policies - Why and how Labour CAN be socially democratic without money.

In a wonderful article in Prospect Magazine, the Labour peer Stewart Wood, a key advisor to Ed Miliband, has explained his case for how social democracy can be achieved without money, particularly from the City. 2,151 more words


La carta de Keynes...a Mariano...

El 31 de diciembre de 1933 el economista John Maynard Keynes dirigió una carta abierta a Franklin Roosevelt, el único presidente de Estados Unidos que supo enfrentarse al verdadero poder financiero. 417 more words

Mark De Zabaleta

Imagination and Identity

Before continuing my summary of the key points of Richard Lipsey’s important paper, “The Foundations of the Theory of National Income,” I want to clear up a point that the deliberately provocative title may have obscured. 760 more words