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More Anti-Factual Analysis from Paul Krugman

I don’t know whether to be impressed or horrified by Paul Krugman.

I’m impressed that he’s always “on message.” No matter what’s happening in America or around the world, he always has some sort of story about why events show the need for bigger government. 691 more words

Big Government

How To Euthanize Rentiers (Wonkish)

In my last post, I established that the “rentier’s share” of interest — resulting from as Keynes put it the “power of the capitalist to exploit the scarcity-value of capital” — can be calculated as the real-interest rate on lending to the monetary sovereign, typically known as the real risk free interest rate. 647 more words


The Subtle Tyranny of Interest Rates

Interest rates are the price of credit. They are the price of access to capital.

Now, it is obvious that pricing credit is not tyrannical in and of itself. 566 more words


Premier commentary

Lionel Barber’s latest interview with Li Keqiang in the FT raises a couple of interesting points.

First of all, Li seems to view US post-crisis economic policy as a kind of Keynesian over-extension, which really needs to be cut short in favour of “structural reforms”, describing himself as only half-convinced that the US and others using these tools are doing the right thing. 279 more words


The Nature of Monopolies And Taxes on the Wealthy

The monopoly has the tendency toward depression because monopolistic corporate behavior creates massive amounts of surplus but has no means of absorbing the surplus without intervention. 895 more words


Keynesian Economics

John Maynard Keynes was a British economist whose modern economic philosophies were presented in his publication The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money in 1936. 627 more words


On incrementalism

Winston Smith

The organisation known as the Fabian Society was first established in London in 1884 as a splinter group from Thomas Davidson’s utopian… 1,389 more words

Secrets And Lies