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What would Keynes think of Greece?

Last weekend we were invited by good friends to join them at the Charleston Literary Festival near Brighton. There we mingled with writers and literary agents all of whom had perfected that carelessly-dressed look; you know – the one that generally takes 3 hours to achieve. 296 more words

the Great Depression 2 ...

This has been apparent to those on the outside looking in for some time, Obama’s America is in a Depression, and it’s been carefully hidden from view with statistics. 712 more words


Taking Down a Take-Down: the James Montier edition

After eight drafts of your book, an unsettling dread creeps up on you. Certain parts that once seemed genius now strike you as half-baked. Your writing is meandering and unstructured. 794 more words

What had Keynesian that we argue?

Greece situation is politically overwhelming for not only Europe but for the entire world. I remember reading a lot on Euro crisis, Drachma, QE, Greek issue, neo-classical economy, fiscal policy, Keynesian economy, Milton Friedman, Philips curve etc..during my MBA @ University Of Glasgow. 1,240 more words

Investment Banking

Making a fortune by collecting ballot boxes

Keith Hudson

Most politicians are probably honest people in their everyday lives.  Put them in charge of the government, however, and you’re a very silly person if you believe a word of what they say, particularly if they are trying to look frank and honest. 1,144 more words

Hayek or Keynes?

“I am an accountant by mind, but an economist by heart.” – me, 2015

This post is included in the random thoughts category because I just want to share the papers I had done back in college, when being an economist was all I could ever think about.

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Random Thoughts

The Last Labour Government

Good day world!

Now under that headline and me being a Tory you might expect me to leap into the attack and blame the recession on the last Labour government. 1,453 more words