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30 Basic Points On Economics


An “economic good” is something people want that is scarce.


Plenty of things are not traditional “economic goods.” Love, ideas, and this article, are three examples. 370 more words

What Should the State Do During a Recession? Save or Leave the Economy Be?

After the 2008 financial crisis, many major economies were driven into a recession. Mitigating the effects of a recession and its duration is vital to ensure that revival happens sooner rather than later. 487 more words


On Trickle Down Economics

We plutocrats need to get this trickle-down economics thing behind us, this idea that the better we do, the better everyone else will do. It’s not true.

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John Maynard Keynes is one of the greatest economists of all times. While he is mostly known for his highly influential economic theories, little is known about his market experience, often understated, but which provides a unique contribution to the future practice of investment management… 414 more words


There Are No Poor Economists

Know thy enemy, as the saying goes. Or, similarly, to avoid the kind of criticism that Christopher Hitchens used to readily employ against people ignorant of his vantage (“You give me the awful impression, I hate to have to say it, of someone who hasn’t read any of the arguments against your position ever”), I sometimes read… 220 more words

The Currency of Understanding

Sylvia Nasar’s Grand Pursuit traces the history of economic thinkers from Marx to the modern era. I say “thinkers” because Nasar present a series of historical and psychological sketches of those that generated the ideas that most profoundly influence modern public debate about the management of economies. 906 more words


Über das Phänomen unsinniger Jobs

Die herrschende Klasse hat erkannt, dass eine zufriedene und produktive Bevölkerung mit frei verfügbarer Zeit eine tödliche Gefahr darstellt.

Hattest du jemals das Gefühl, dein Job wäre ausgedacht?

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