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'Hindsight' fan react: Rules is rules

Season 1 | Episode 9 | “All I Want For Christmas Is You” | Aired Mar 4, 2015

For all you Hindsight fans who want to come after Becca for her bratty behavior and questionable romantic choices, I hope this week changes your mind—at least a little. 1,008 more words


I have a friend, a guy friend, let’s call him Kevin. So I’ve known Kevin for a little while thru mutual friends via social media. But I have never met Kevin. 136 more words


General Topology – The Quotient Topology

I am currently enrolled in Professor Danny Calegari’s MATH 26200 at UChicago, which is a class on point-set topology; in addition to the posts on complex geometry, I plan to write a few posts on general topology to supplement what goes on in the class. 162 more words


Where I Am.

He’s right, though!

I am so grateful my life ended up where it did. As a child I never intended to write. I thought I’d end up a ballet dancer, or a singer. 217 more words


Millar: Marlins' Objective Should Be To Win NL East

Former Marlin and current MLB Network analyst Kevin Millar joined the Big O Show on WQAM to chat about the upcoming season and if the Marlins have a chance to compete in a deep NL East. 224 more words


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Is 'Manspreading' Sexy?

That wide-open “manspreading” stance while sitting on BART, or encroaching on your neighbor’s space on MUNI is apparently a turn-on.

Kevin Klein Live’s sex therapist (because apparently we need one) Simone Bienne says girls like a guy who rocks the manspread. 289 more words


Hello Followers!

All right… So I know I haven’t been on here much. But, I have a really good reason.

I wrote a book!

There’s a link on my side bar in case you’re interested. 87 more words