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Links for 4-19-2015

  • Kevin Williamson goes after Hillary’s minions, starting with Paul Begala:

    Begala is of course the exemplar of the minion type, the tireless monkey-butler of the Clinton crime syndicate, bowing and scraping as members of the imperial family come and go, garnishing their altars between coronations.

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Aye Write; the Scottishness of Welsh, Dolan & Cleeves

I haven’t as yet read A Decent Ride, Irvine Welsh’s new novel, but it was more than decent listening to him read, or more appropriately perform, several scenes at the… 769 more words

Let's Pretend

By Charlie Johnston

I continue to work on Part 2 of “Whatcha Gonna Do…” which covers some tips for traveling on foot and living outdoors for an extended period if you need to. 813 more words


Film: 'Cursed' - "I guess there's no such thing as safe sex with a werewolf."

‘Cursed’ is a 2005 teen horror directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson, these three details (date, director, writer) led to certain expectations; namely it won’t be straight horror – there will be attempts at humour (which may or may not work), and it will have plot holes you could drive an SUV through. 333 more words

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Links for 4-12-2015


6 reasons why 'The Following' is now a horror movie

While I fully admit to enjoying the odd, possibly unintentionally funny sophomore season of The Following, season three has returned to its horror roots—in a good way. 1,012 more words

Links for 4-5-2015

  • Kevin Williamson writes about the changing perception of what constitutes a scandal and what’s legal/permissible in the political sphere:

    Richard Nixon was a snake who understood himself as such but had sufficient vestigial conscience to be ashamed of his snakery.

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