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Sometimes, Politicians Need to Be Political

Kevin Williamson is being quite unfair to Robert Gates in his editorial piece. Sometimes, an argument from organizational self-interest is the best argument to carry the day on a particular issue, and failing to argue from a standpoint of organizational self-interest means losing the argument on that issue. 312 more words

Kevin Williamson: Stephanopoulos Has Got to Go

National Review — What to think about George Stephanopoulos? Some years ago, I worked with a young man who would later become momentarily infamous, during the season of Stephen Glass and Jayson Blair, when he was found to have fabricated aspects of stories for a very high-profile national news outlet. 153 more words


'The Following' Cancelled By Fox After Three Seasons

Sources are now reporting that Fox has cancelled ‘The Following’ after three seasons, therefore making the May 18 Double episode the Series Finale. 17 more words


Links for 5-3-2015

  • Kevin Williamson shared an Amtrak ride with Joe “Uncle Choo Choo” Biden:

    And then came Herr Gropenführer himself. Biden's biography alleges that he is six feet tall, and maybe he is, but he scurried into the train in a thoroughly rodential fashion, looking tiny and terrified, like a very old man who has wandered out of a dementia ward.

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Ridin' the Rails With Kevin

“Another post about Kevin Williamson?” you ask.

Well, yes.  Because I’m stalking him.  Stalking someone is a commitment.  You don’t just do it every once in awhile.   178 more words