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"One Day in September"...

For a feature documentary which was released in 2001, this might seem a tad overdue – besides launching the career of its director Kevin McDonald… 717 more words

Kat in the Hall: 1x06

Episode 6: Airdate: Tuesday December 5, 1989

The Sketches


Time is of essence in new CFL

Second-year officiating vice-president Glen Johnson, who stopped by for a visit with the Lions Friday, said this year’s rule changes were not a knee-jerk reaction to a 23 per-cent decline in scoring but things that have been ‘on the back-burner for a long time’. 575 more words

The Fifth Quarter

Kat in the Hall: 1x04

Season 1, Episode 4
Airdate: Tuesday November 14th, 1989

Watch along on youtube: HERE.

The Sketches