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Sweet and Sour Pork

I used to make this recipe in college when I didn’t have a lot of money. Thin sliced pork chops are usually pretty cheap and I usually have everything else to make the sauce. 251 more words


Banning ketchup

There is more than a little truth that among the most popular flavors of men with less than developed palates are cheese and ketchup. (I prefer the spelling catsup, but gave up that fight long ago). 342 more words

Roadhouse Meatloaf

Have you ever noticed that everybody’s mother either makes great meatloaf or terrible meatloaf.  It seems there’s no in-between.  This is great meatloaf; it’s juicy, full-flavored with just a bit of sweetness and it makes kick-ass sandwiches the next day. 898 more words

Gluten Free

On Mustard

I believe that a good mustard can change one’s meal. Yellow mustard is literally the worst. Yes, we all eat it at ballgames and at BBQs, because we have to, and occasionally on a soft pretzel, but no one is happy about this. 337 more words

Ketchup is Controversial

Name a condiment that is more controversial than ketchup. You can’t do it!

I like ketchup with fries. And when I say fries, I’m talking about the potato family and it’s members, like Little Brother Wedge. 1,048 more words


Putting The Dog Down

I’ve lost twenty pounds since 2015 graced the calendar with its arrival.

So today, instead of continuing my path of restraint, I have a hot dog for lunch. 362 more words

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