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46. Olivia Watson

It is easy to picture the typical ‘volunteer’ photo: a beaming westerner surrounded by a flock of locals eagerly competing for the camera’s attention. Though Olivia Watson has achieved an incredible amount volunteering overseas, not one of her photos mimic this image. 994 more words

No Ranking, no problem.

In the past, release of national school exams results was met with fanfare and tragedy. Fanfare if a school performed well and tragedy and soul searching if the performance was less than expected. 232 more words

Lamu, Octopus and Ass

Along the Swahili coast, it is not entirely strange to encounter a man bent over, repeatedly waging war with the white and gold sands against a back drop of a crystal blue-black evening ocean. 726 more words

Leveraging Technology to Uproot Corruption

We’ve all heard it – the middle class in sub-Saharan Africa is expanding rapidly, there’s the seemingly unstoppable growth of the mobile phone, greater access to the internet, an increase in access to education, and technology is being leveraged as a key means of economic development. 462 more words


Running on empty

One of the most compassionate and motherly animals out there has to be the matriarch elephant. Elephants live in a herd led by a matriarch. The other members of the herd are her daughters and their calves. 747 more words