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UKIP & their £ 43.5 Billion Con of the English Taxpayer

UKIP & their £ 43.5 Billion Con of the English Taxpayer

There is now a significant Policy difference between UKIP & the English Democrats over the ‘Barnett Formula’

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English Democrats

L A N D S C A P E S - David LaChapelle

In 2013, David LaChapelle  created a series of work entitled LAND SCAPES. This series included various miniature sculptures of industrial-type buildings and power plants. LaChapelle studied Visual Art at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, which started off the creativeness seen in his photographs today. 432 more words


POEM: More Than Grey

As I missed last week’s castle, but will no doubt catch up at some point, I will entertain you with a stone-based poem. I was hanging out at Eynsford Castle in Kent when I wrote it, and the ony one there, so feeling utterly sorry for the old piece of rock, I decided to dedicate some writing to it. 119 more words


It's Beauty Time!

After finishing at Jessie May, we followed Maria Mason to her award-winning beauty salon ‘Beauty Time‘ which is in Cleeve, Bristol.

Located in a stunning 400 year old cottage, which was the former post office, this salon has great character and warmth. 282 more words


Cake, Cookies, Laughter and Tears at Jessie May

We arrived at Jessie May on Thursday morning in Bristol and were also joined by the lovely Maria Mason (with us below), from award-winning beauty salon ‘ 491 more words


Dancing in red

The tulips are out, in every colour possible and even in a mixture of hues. But none are as eye catching as these red tulips. Bundled together in a blushing shade of passion and love, with a central black blotch enhancing thier striking appearance even more, these red tulips danced in the sunlight to catch get my attention. 10 more words

The 21st Century British Empire

Nazi violence in British election campaign

This May 2014 video is called UK: Nazi salutes as EDL march through Newcastle.

By Luke James in Britain:

Ukip‘ thugs ambush Labour party…

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Human Rights

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UKIP Nazis attack the Labour Party in South Thanet, Kent.