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A Not So Great Escape

Warning: the following two paragraphs are an anecdote. Those who are allergic to ambling anecdotes should proceed directly to the next bolded heading in the post and resume reading there. 2,053 more words


David Koma

Designer: David Koma
Hair: Kenna
Stylist: Kim Howells

Books Reborn!

Today is a Sort-of Book Birthday. Why sort-of? Well, because the content of these books is not entirely new, but the COVERS are! Which means I get to feel all excited about my babies having a make-over and being unleashed on the world all over again. 435 more words

Lord, What Fools These Mortals Be!

Somehow It Was Like Watching a Book of Nursery Rhymes…

I was mistaken, my fellow Reign subjects, when I supposed that this show has jumped the shark. 1,537 more words


That happened four years ago?! A timeline of changes since the Class of 2015 first enrolled

As the college seniors now gather around their dinner tables (perhaps dinner couches is more appropriate) in their houses off campus, they are undoubtedly discussing future plans (or lack thereof, in many cases). 193 more words

Dinner Table

snippets of a story (kenna + no dark disguise)


Smoothly, Rago replied, “At least you have the good sense to leave me to my business.”

Bortz nodded continually, lowering his sword and backing away. 537 more words

the parting glass

Yesterday, I Skyped with my spirit doppelganger and, after about an hour and a half, we got around to the reason why we’d called in the first place – I was stuck in Kenna. 716 more words