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My word, Reign’s season finale left us with a whole lot to contemplate, fret about and obsess over until Season 3 debuts. As finales go, “Burn” certainly delivered, serving up one KAPOW! 1,874 more words


Edison whips Shelby in district softball

ATTICA – Edison’s game plan was simple: Keep Kennadie Goth off the bases and make the rest of the Whippets pick up the slack.

That’s what the Chargers did, and that’s what Shelby couldn’t do. 683 more words


Music Monday ...on a Tuesday? ? ? - Epic FAIL!

Oh dear friends….

Can we say complete and TOTAL face-palm!?

I keep telling myself “Jes! You have to get Music Monday going!”…. and sure enough; I forget. 816 more words


Fatal Attractions

Weeeeeeeeell…it was not a red letter day in France (Understatement is a pithy literary device, I hear). It’s safe to say conditions at court have reached an all-time low, way lower than Mad King Henry blowing up his own ships or Catherine seeing creepy ghost twins. 1,252 more words


kenna + celebrating 50k

I’ve been up to my elbows lately, learning how to balance writing + art. I’ve always had a kind of mental block when it comes to doing both – apparently, I can only handle so much creativity at once and have to pick which area through which to channel it. 887 more words

Reign, Reign Go Away...(someone had to say it)

And don’t come back until your writers have resolved their issues. That must be the reason Reign is going down the tubes. Why else would obviously talented people (as demonstrated by last season and a few first episodes of the second season), set about ruining their own good work? 1,978 more words