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Beautiful People - Einar


If I were to make a list of the best characters I’ve ever written, Einar (Kenna) would be at the top. When I saw that this month’s list of questions was deeply introspective, I knew March was Einar’s month. 540 more words

Book Review: Walk with Me by Kaitlyn Stone

**I received this book in turn for an honest review.**

***Spoilers ahead***

I loved this book. First of all, I am always a sucker for a romance/love story. 298 more words

Bishop Manogue's Breezi Holt has developed into one of the North's top players

With both her parents being former college basketball players, you might think she had a basketball in her crib.

But Breezi Holt was a little late to the sport, not playing until the sixth grade at Little Flower Middle School in Reno. 707 more words


May the best man win

Reign has finally returned! Yay! Now that i’ve got my excitement out of the way, lets recap this episode.

Ok, so the light bulb in Frances’ head finally went off when he said he should just go with what Mary says instead of against. 389 more words



So its been a while since I’ve publicly written anything. Since we lost Kenna in October, I haven’t felt very inspired. Kenna was my source of inspiration and her not being here has taken a toll. 570 more words

words while waiting

I have been asked to post more snippets. It’s highly flattering when this happens, and also useful, as I don’t have to think too hard about it and I still get to say, “I wrote a blog post.” So, in anticipation of the midnight showing of… 972 more words

high time for some snippets

a Christmas gift for my braintwin

Angel pushed open his front door. “Honey, I’m home,” he called.

            “Nice to see you, too, sugar,” was the response from the living room to the left. 1,110 more words