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@ 30 June 2015- A Very Sad Day (David)

I have just received the extremely sad news from Australia that my best mate Ken Bacon has passed away today (3:30pm Sydney time).

Many of you would have read about Ken’s 7yr battle with cancer via the giving page on this website. 74 more words


1st Anniversary – Do It! [I WANNA BE WITH YOU] (Chapter 3)

Do It! – I wanna be with you

presented by
Leeyongmi, Dracobaby, Olgamardianita, Hildaajung, Kuroi Zora

Park Ji Yeon (T-ara) as Kim Ji Yeon | Lee Jae Hwan (VIXX) as Ken | Kim Jin Woo (Winner) | Lee Mi Joo (Lovelyz) 3,196 more words


Sunday June 21 - Ride Don't Hide

On March 8, I volunteered to help out at the BikeBrampton booth at the Toronto Bike Show which allowed me to get into the show for free.  1,538 more words

My New Heroes... Ken and Rilla Zak

So I think I have previously mentioned a little about my almost-didn’t-happen new best friends. What does almost-didn’t-happen mean? It means I came very close to not opening myself up to meet them when that decision was upon me. 1,511 more words


Rest Easy, Citizens of Barbietown

Tommi is flying Super Barbie through the house, sound effects and all: Swoosh! Grrrr! Her face is very serious. (The doll’s face is not serious, by the way. 251 more words


Oh. My. Dog! #16

Bud had visibly enjoyed the day, I was beat. A quick shower lifted my spirits, as did fresh clothes. I hadn’t anticipated living in the city to be that exhausting. 171 more words

Flash Fiction

Spiritual Self-Sufficiency

I want to take a moment to discuss an important element of preparedness, one that seems of little interest to most practical preppers these days, and that’s spiritual self-sufficiency. 996 more words