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all keep

where it was the rush

and how it hands and those of the leaping

and where it puffs

and its own fully and then it was the consistant… 44 more words


keep said

wonder where the time tends to go

can’t say i told you so

and when it was the shout

and how it was the something… 49 more words



Keep calm

and just freaking live.


Keep Shooting but not in Auto Pilot

“Keep Shooting” This is the advice usually given to young photogs. But I think that advice still need a few more words. 72 more words


Universal Basket & Knyttan - Techstars' Selection of the Best in UK Retail Tech

Here are two great ideas for solving real but very different problems for retail: how to make affiliate purchases and how to economically mass customise fashion. 326 more words


keep laughs

funny it held on so tight

and nothing was left out

and  how it danced

and it pranced

and those of the feeling

and where it glides and it strides… 44 more words