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KDE Plasma 5.2

I lack excitement in life, so I upgraded the operating system on my laptop. Running alpha software is never boring. It is Fedora 22 with KDE Plasma 5.2. 29 more words


First success in Calligra's port to own Qt3-fork Cat

A few weeks ago the Calligra developers started to look into the port to Qt5 and the new KDE Frameworks 5. But it soon became obvious that this new world is just a mess, with lots of dependencies. 170 more words


More tools for creating QR Codes in Linux

In my previous post I showed how to install CuterCode and Qreator, two simple GUI applications for producing QR Codes, in Gentoo Linux. I have now found a couple of other GUI applications, both of which offer more features than the aforementioned two, such as allowing you to specify the amount of error correction to be incorporated into the QR Code. 1,193 more words


Mr Dettman - 11En1 - Macbeth Act 3 Scene 1

Due: Wednesday, 22nd April  (my Lesson in the 2nd week back)

Using your understanding of the extract, explain how the lines below, from Act 3 Scene 1, might be performed. 158 more words

Year 11

How to create QR Codes easily in Gentoo Linux

QR Codes are two-dimensional bar codes that can store a surprising amount of information. CuterCode and Qreator are two applications that are easy to install and use to produce QR Codes that can be saved as image files for use on labels, posters, Web sites, business cards, documents, etc. 321 more words


Telegram Connection Manager — The first release is going on

After a long period of silence I’m coming with a news: Telepathy-Morse project is “still alive” and the first release is going on.

Short introduction: I’m working on the Qt-based  978 more words


Mr Dettman - 9En1 - Slow Writing Poem

Due: Wednesday, 15th April

Read ‘Hawk Roosting’, by Ted Hughes: http://www.educationquizzes.com/gcse/english/poetry-hawk-roosting/

Using the Slow Writing technique, as below, construct a poem about a British animal of your choice. 201 more words

Year 9