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Tiny with tinier spots

Finally the katydid nymphs have arrived. Hurray! As for now, they are still a bit too small for my lens and no-tripod way of macro photography, but luckily they grow quickly. 19 more words


Can You See This Video?

I’m having technical prombles today, so let me just try this. If it works, you’ll see a brief video of the angel-winged katydid. Relax and enjoy it! 32 more words


In which, you learn about Mr Did (or, 'a little about me').

One day, while I was going about my morning routine, I spied, my little bitty eye this fine fellow hanging out on the curtain in the room where I keep my computer. 348 more words

Matt MacDonald

K is for Katydid

This katydid hitched a ride on my window one day last fall. On that particular day I had had a doctor’s appointment. I left the doctor’s office feeling hopeful, but with no real answers. 171 more words



Heard this loud, familiar insect calling, and happened to find it in a bush. Appears to be some kind of grasshopper. The sound maxed out the mic in my camera. 32 more words