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In which, you learn about Mr Did (or, 'a little about me').

One day, while I was going about my morning routine, I spied, my little bitty eye this fine fellow hanging out on the curtain in the room where I keep my computer. 348 more words

Matt MacDonald

K is for Katydid

This katydid hitched a ride on my window one day last fall. On that particular day I had had a doctor’s appointment. I left the doctor’s office feeling hopeful, but with no real answers. 171 more words



Heard this loud, familiar insect calling, and happened to find it in a bush. Appears to be some kind of grasshopper. The sound maxed out the mic in my camera. 32 more words



This is a poem inspired by my distain of housework.  Available as a poster for your home as a gentle reminder to others!