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Another story than a story about me

Karen Askenberger was adopted 1995. She came to Sweden when she was 1 year old. From Cali to the south part of Sweden. There are many families that don’t tell their children about their origins but Karens parents have always told her about where she is from. 213 more words


I Save the Dog Again, Of Course

Once again, I have saved Beefeater’s life, but for you to understand the story, I need to share a lil’ background info.

Beefeater was actually Röbert’s dog originally, and he really loved that animal.   405 more words


On the Devil of Hell's Kitchen...

Well, here I am. Late, but sure. I want to talk about Netflix’s Daredevil...

The short version: AMAZING. For the long version, keep reading!! 581 more words

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A Little Retreat

Sharon and Karen, a couple of my Chattanooga friends, came to visit over the second weekend in April. They stayed in a really nice hotel… 307 more words

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Burma - The cradle of China?

New research suggests Burma was the birthplace of early Chinese people.


The study, conducted by researchers with the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Kunming Institute of Zoology, found the genetic origin of many people in Southwest China could be traced to ancient populations in Myanmar, especially the Barma, Karen and Rakhine peoples. 193 more words