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Expansion of Human DNA and cellular restructuring

As the energies begin to shift and to expand and as we in this our human form begin to let go of the deeply held belief patterns and the emotional residue that is associated with this then we move into a cellular expansion.   1,485 more words


Repairing time

We walk in a reality that is continually shifting and changing and expanding.  As a race the human race have been kept in a containment that is not TRUTH, it is not TRUTH for the outer waking reality to repeat itself, energy is continually flowing and shifting and in the old earth this was distorted and manipulated.   1,881 more words


GOD thru Karen Doonan 28th june 2015

The latest channeling of GOD thru Karen Doonan is now available via the conversations with GOD blog on the main Truth Codes Ministries website.

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GOD thru Karen Doonan 27th june 2015

The latest channeling is now available at the main Truth Codes Ministries website.  To access the conversations with GOD bog please click here.

For personal guidance please click here.


Emotional reactions to the expansion of gateways

As I blogged yesterday the expansion of the energetic gateways is now fully underway. As all is frequency and the naked human eyes cannot see frequency then the human vehicle reacts through emotion.   1,457 more words


Energetic gateways to expansion

I have long blogged that TRUTH JUST IS but the physical experience of this can and will be challenging as the foundation for our lives in the new earth frequencies begin to form. 1,569 more words


Energetic release of emotional bondage

The energetic release that is underway is one that is not seen by the naked human eyes and is designed to trigger in order to illuminate.   1,664 more words