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Couzy Spur, Les Droites (IV,4, 5b,1100m).DNF.

Horizontal pellets of snow fired across my field vision looking like tracking lines on an old VHS as I stared desperately into the featureless black night. 801 more words



I sat in the pew of the sanctuary, much further back than I wanted, but I needed an aisle seat so I could discreetly film the concert. 521 more words

Dreaming Of Mommyhood - General



話時話,呢本練習咁快就已經有減數!阿仔就唔係好識啦!所以都冇再做。我另外仲買左兩本數字俾佢,不過就係英文既,我就覺得英文有本反而簡單清楚D!不過爸爸竟然話唔係,係中文呢本喎!Anyway, 阿仔做左一版多少少已經唔想做啦!因為唔識!又唔肯專心聽人教!激死…咁我地又唔想識佢,既然佢唔肯聽,咁下次再試下教啦!少少,少少咁教,佢慢慢明白後應該就會有興趣啦!



英文:尋日定今朝佢突然拎返套教材其中一本故事書黎睇,所以就開隻CD佢聽。夜晚要我講既故事都係拎果本書俾我!(BOOK 4)


How to release and reassign a user's K2 worklist tasks in code using C#

Occasionally, you need to reassign K2 blackpearl tasks that is currently directed to one user to another.

This scenario may occur for several reasons. The user might have been moved to a new user account, the user might have left the company, etc. 393 more words


How to avoid K2 blackpearl generated emails leaving the server in a development environment

K2 makes it extremely easy to generate an automated e-mail which is then distributed to a specified person or user group participating in your K2 Workflow. 241 more words


K is for Kepler

Truth is the daughter of time, and I feel no shame in being her midwife.

These words, written by Johannes Kepler in 1611, are profound.  At the time, Galileo had just discovered the…

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Extracted Lightcurves From Vanderburg & Johnson (2014) Now Available at MAST

A new MAST High Level Science Product from K2 has been delivered that includes extracted lightcurves. Courtesy of Vanderburg & Johnson (2014), long-cadence targets from Campaigns 0 and 1 now have detrended, extracted lightcurves available at MAST, including 20 different photometric apertures. 56 more words