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Apres le PDMF, saluez l'arrivée du PIIODMEP!

Un nom à coucher dehors, sans aucun doute…mais sur le fond, un bel effort, de belles idées, qu’il nous appartiendra de conjuguer dans nos établissements, avec nos enfants… 65 more words


SIGCSE 2015 Week! ECEP BOF and Ebooks and IRB and other CS Ed terms

This week is the SIGCSE 2015 Technical Symposium, the largest computing education conference in the US, perhaps in the world.  About 1300 people will be heading to Kansas City for four days of discussion, workshops, and talks.   370 more words

Edutopia | K-12 Education Tips & Strategies That Work

Edutopia | K-12 Education Tips & Strategies That Work.

An interesting initiative…yet again from civil society.

And an extra cool element: Georges Lucas!

Worth having a look, and exploring their proposal: 196 more words


The meaning of Education

Etudier, apprendre, s’éduquer, grandir, mûrir, des mots qui à 14 ou 15 ans n’ont pas beaucoup de sens.

Parce qu’à 14 ou 15 ans on a envie de profiter de sa vie avant qu’elle ne s’échappe, et on rage contre les murs d’une Ecole qui nous oppresse et contre ces chaises incommodes sur lesquelles ont doit rester presque immobile pendant de longues heures…parce que l’Ecole est obligatoire…parce qu’il faut avoir de bonnes notes, passer son Bac…parce qu’on a pas vraiment le choix. 388 more words


More diversity and more progress with CS teachers vs just on-line: Code.org

Hadi Partovi of Code.org has a blog post (see here) with data from their on-line classes.  He’s making the argument that classroom teachers are super important for diversity and for student success. 136 more words

"Good Job!"

Whiplash” is not just a powerful movie with outstanding actor’s performances. As for Education concerns, it is a profound yet controversial way to consider the Coaching approach out of the military or sports environment. 220 more words


What do I have to say about Education...

Sixteen years working as a School Counselor in the K12 of the French Education system, after having struggled myself during my teenage years as a student led me to think over and over again about Education and Learning, about life project, about the meaning of school, how we push the youngest to prepare themselves to enter the adult world being productive and useful for Society…I guess it was time for me to speak out loud what I have been asking and answering to myself…that, and a big ego I guess…