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Please Allow Me to Reiterate

I was feeling pretty clever.

As most of you know, that is never a good sign.

My creative, engaging activity for the day turned out to be one of those lessons that makes a teacher ask the dreaded question, “Should I continue this fiasco or give up and find a video?” 443 more words


The Roses of Success

Edutopia’s Amy Erin Borovoy (@VideoAmy) recently curated a collection of videos that she titled, “Freedom to Fail Forward.” Always looking for ways to teach my younger students about developing a Growth Mindset, I was pleased to see that her final suggestion was a clip from… 128 more words


I Don't Want to Live on the Moon

I don’t know if you recognize the title of this post as a Sesame Street song (I didn’t), but it is.  The song was written by Jeff Moss, but there is a new cover of it that appears in… 85 more words


Lunar New Year

Sunroom students ushered in the Year of the Sheep with a school-wide performance in the Big Room. Lunar New Year is an annual celebration at Synergy, and students, led by music teacher Sam Heminger, began rehearsing a month in advance. 122 more words


Left Brain Craft Brain

Yesterday’s post about the “Engineering – Go For It!” website left me thinking that I should look for some good sites for younger students related to engineering, too.   131 more words


Leprechaun Traps and Other Shenanigans

A couple of years ago I posted about the cute idea that I’d found on several websites of having students build leprechaun traps.   Since my Kinders were learning about Inventor Thinking around that time, we tried it out.   192 more words


Pancake Breakfast

At 7 AM on a chilly Friday morning, Synergy kids and teachers were already at school, firing up griddles and mixing batter. Soon, the homey smell of pancakes and maple syrup filled the school as hungry kids, parents, and teachers lined up for breakfast. 338 more words